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Eminem Working on new D12 Album

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In other Hip Hop News, Eminem is working on a new album with his group D-12. Eminem will reunite with Bizarre, Kon Artis, Kuniva, and Swifty and release another album. Mr. Porter, Kon Artis’s production alias, will handle the majority of the production on the project. Bizarre wouldn’t reveal many details but he gave us a little information about the upcoming album. “We’re just really getting started on it. It should be due out before the year’s over. We’re just trying to make good music…definitely going to be more serious than any other D12 album that’s come out.”


Dr. Dre. Reunites With Ice Cube

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Dr. Dre will be reuniting with Ice Cube on his upcoming album Detox. The former N.W.A. members have known and worked with each other since before either of them were famous. The two have put an end to any N.W.A. reunion talks, and what would a reunion be without Eazy-E anyway? Ice Cube recently revealed that he’s working with Dr. Dre on Detox in a recent interview. “He’s making a great record. I’m on it. I’m proud to be, I can’t wait to get back to L.A. to get back in the studio with him…Dre is a master. What’s cool about working with Dre is he stays the same. Everyone else change and trip, but I remember working with Dre back when we just in the garage. Just the two of us. And he works the same way. Don’t come up with an empty palette, bring a lot of ideas to the plate.”

Russell Simmons Reveals Secrets to Raising Big Money

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Russel Simmons revealed his secret for having a successful charity fundraiser at his Angels for Africa event. Russell Simmons hosted Angels for Africa at his Manhattan home on Wednesday night (May 26). Angel’s for Africa will benefit Shine On Sierra Leone, a non-profit organization concentrating on lowering maternal and infant mortality rates in Sierra Leone. Russell Simmons, a marketing and promotional genius, revealed his secret for raising big money at his event. “We though if we got a whole bunch of beautiful girls, a whole lot of rich men would come, and they would raise us a whole lotta money for a really good cause.”

What do you think about Russell’s secret formula? Is he on to something?

Black Eyed Peas Bring Tom Cruise Onstage In London Show

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Black Eyed Peas surprised fans in London when Tom Cruise appeared on stage yesterday (May 27). Tom Cruise persuaded the producers of his new action movie, Knight And Day, to let Black Eyed Peas record a song for the film’s soundtrack. Tom Cruise even went to the studio with as he worked on the song “Some Day”. Black Eyed Peas were in London on their European tour and Tom Cruise was promoting Knight And Day. Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes attended the concert. Fergie actually invited the actor on stage and Black Eyed Peas concluded the show with their first performance of “Some Day”. Cruise detailed the moment in an interview. “Actually when they were performing, we all went to the show and Fergie sent a formal invitation to come onstage. She was like, ‘Yo, don’t be a wuss, you gotta come onstage for the last song.'”

New Mixtape

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T.I and Lil Wayne

Diddy insist Joaquin Rap Career is “For Real”

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T.I. exclusive interview with Jamie Foxx

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