She plays the piano so gracefully, while the band played in unison. The performance started out with a relaxing jazz feeling. Comforting the mind body and soul.  Tune called “Freedom” she wrote it 2 days after her return from Ireland.

Then she gives more of a classical and upbeat melody that brings the feeling of love without having fear your companion. “Believe in You”.  Just believe and trust in your happiness and it will bring you joy.

She expresses the true meaning of being in love and how to cherish the moments that you have with your companion.  What is happiness without having love?  She simplifies, how easy it is to be in live with someone.

“Where ever the road lead” a caribbean style of melody.  She grooved with her drum, while making jokes about having to lift her skirt to play her drum.  She’s following the lead of her road to happiness and success.  Just believing in yourself knowing that your path will carry yuo to your destiny.

“Love will come back to me” the choreography to the song was elegant and supported the message of the song.  Even when love is lost, it will always come bak. 

You can find her music @


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