Acoustic Playhouse

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Acoustic Playhouse is a premier live music booking and promotion network.  The performances at the Aqua Lounge, July 31, 2010 was very interesting within all music artist.  The music genres was a little pop, rock, alternative, melodramatic, and etc.  The Acoustic Playhouse host 2-3 venues a week, supporting the independent music artist industry.  Acoustic Playhouse has developed a unique way in exposing music artist to the public.  The Aqua Lounge performances: Keyrie, Suicide Sirens, Ali and the Robot Revolutions, Wes Poland, Kyle Nicolaides, and Vlad.  They are on your social media network: facebook, myspace, and twitter.  Check out Acoustic Playhouse upcoming events at (


Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta Feeling’

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The inspiration of music of all genres can give people hope throughout his or her struggles in society.  Black Eyed Peas, a once independent artist group that emerged through the struggle of the music industry.  They have continued to prove themselves with their #1 single ‘I Gotta Feeling’.  Their No. 1 hit has become the first song to reach the 6 million mark in digital downloads. They came out in ’98 and their career, if you would look at it on chart, there’s no dips in it. For their career to still be healthy and vibrant and doing things like 6 million downloads, it’s pretty significant.  The upbeat song about good vibes was No. 1 for 14 weeks.  The reason it was so successful was because it gave people hope in a downward time.

Fat Joe ‘The Darkside’

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Fat Joe \’The Darkside\’

You Better Love Me

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More Active Sun, Can be Harmful to the Earth

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The sun is about to get a lot more active, which could have ill effects on Earth. So to prepare, top sun scientists met Tuesday to discuss the best ways to protect Earth’s satellites and other vital systems from the coming solar storms.

Solar storms occur when sunspots on our star erupt and spew out flumes of charged particles that can damage power systems. The sun’s activity typically follows an 11-year cycle, and it looks to be coming out of a slump and gearing up for an active period.

“The sun is waking up from a deep slumber, and in the next few years we expect to see much higher levels of solar activity,” said Richard Fisher, head of NASA’s Heliophysics Division. “At the same time, our technological society has developed an unprecedented sensitivity to solar storms. The intersection of these two issues is what we’re getting together to discuss.”

Drake “Victory”

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Drake \"Victory\"

Nelly “Over and Over” Classice Music

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